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Why We Are Different

“For over 20 years, we’ve been helping successful people create, preserve and transfer wealth more effectively.”

-Lei Wang, CFP®, CFS, CRPC

Protecting What You’ve Built

Protecting What You’ve Built

As a high net worth individual, your financial planning needs are complex. Successful people usually need more help in three key areas:

  • Asset Protection  
  • Risk Management  
  • Tax Reduction

However most financial advisors are generalists and are not necessarily ready to focus on these important areas.

We’re different because we work exclusively with successful business owners and professionals whose needs are more complex than most.  We provide the customized financial planning, investment management and innovative strategies you need to protect your assets and keep more of what you earn, now and in the future.  

The Right Investments Can Do More for You

When you’re already successful, protecting what you built should be paramount. You should not be taking excess risk.

Unfortunately many financial advisors simply do the same things for most people, with small adjustments. We frequently see high net worth people in investments that carry more risk than they need.  

Instead, you have the opportunity to generate return in a much safer way, and that’s through tax efficiency. At the same time we can help protect your assets.

Yes, the tax code is complex. Many financial professionals shy away from complex strategies but, properly executed, these strategies can provide you with substantial benefits:

  • Captive insurance often can be appropriate to shelter assets and pass them along in a tax-advantaged manner
  • Various types of trusts can help you avoid state and local tax limitations (SALT) as well as shelter assets
  • Creative use of insurance and annuities when appropriate can help you cost-effectively transfer risk and reduce future tax liability

Our team at Lincoln Financial Advisors has over 20 years of experience implementing these types of structures for our clients as part of an overall financial plan.  

Making It Happen

Making It Happen

We don’t simply put together a plan that sit on a shelf and collects dust. Instead, planning is only the beginning:

  • We’ll take the lead on coordinating with your accountant and attorney
  • We’ll manage all the follow up so your plan is implemented successfully  
  • We provide full service financial planning and investment management so you have a single primary point of contact
  • Our team remains available to help you and your family with any financially related issue that may arise

The Experience You Need

Experience is critical, as you don’t want your money to be part of anyone’s learning curve.

Our team at Lincoln Financial Advisors, led by Lei Wang, CFP®, MBA, CFS, CRPC, has been helping clients navigate changing tax and market landscapes for over 20 years.   

Objective, Unbiased Advice

Your financial advice should be driven by your needs, not by a desire to sell more products. As part of Lincoln Financial Advisors, we are a mostly fee-based, not commission-based, firm.  We act as your true fiduciary, meaning we put your interests first at all times.  Since we’re not part of the traditional commission-based model, our team is free to simply act as your advocate, providing you with objective, unbiased advice.

Transparent Fees and No Surprise Bills

When it comes to money, fees matter. We are committed to full transparency so you always understand what you are paying and why. You won’t find hourly fees or surprise bills, because all ongoing support is included in your normal fee.

Translating Jargon to Plain English

You are busy, so you need a wealth manager who respects your time. That includes speaking in plain language, not technical jargon.  We pride ourselves at being good at explaining complex structures in simple terms, so you’re not left wondering how your money is being handled.  

Keeping You Up To Date

You’re busy and your time is valuable, but you still need to stay informed. We provide comprehensive reporting and access to a customized dashboard so you always have updated information at your fingertips. Then, we’re frequently in touch with you by phone and email, and we’ll schedule regular meetings to update you in person or by teleconference.  

And of course our team is always there to answer any day to day questions on any financial matter.


“When you meet somebody new, you will be blessed abundantly.”

Many times you need to choose between the personalized service of a small firm and the resources of a large firm.  With our team, you don’t have to choose: you get the personalized attention and expertise of our small team, along with the backing of the Lincoln Financial Advisors group.

Lei Wang, CFP®, MBA, CFS, CRPC®

Lei Wang, CFP®, MBA, CFS, CRPC®

“I love seeing the reaction from clients when they realize there is a better way to protect their assets and reduce their tax burden.”

For over 20 years, Lei has helped successful people achieve clarity and completion in their planning. She has extensive technical expertise and real-world wisdom gained from helping clients over the years.

Her goal is to help you create, preserve and transfer wealth more effectively than you are now.

A Chinese native, Lei attended the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Financial Services). Her credentials include:

  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC)
  • Certified Fund Specialist (CFS)

About Lincoln Financial Advisors

Lincoln Financial Advisors falls under the umbrella of Lincoln Financial Group; the marketing name for which Lincoln National Corporation (NYSE: LNC) operates.

LNC traces its roots back to 1905 and operates through the creed of "Serving Clients First, Last and Always℠.” Our goal is to understand what matters most to you. It begins with a question: "What are you ultimately trying to achieve in your business and/or your personal financial life?"

Once we understand what's most important to you and have analyzed your data; we can share strategies and financial planning concepts that could positively impact your results.

Our job is to educate you on your options so that you can make informed decisions.

Led by over 9,000 employees, Lincoln Financial provides the tools and advice to help individuals take charge of their futures.